Fall 2017 Financial Services Internship

Updated on: 25 Jul 2017
05 Sep 2017 3 months, 12 hrs/wk Rice University
3 Greenway Plaza, Houston, TX 77046, United States

What experience do you want out of an internship: make a difference in people's lives, or making copies and coffee?  

Become an intern and try on the hat of a Financial Service Professional. In an entrepreneurial consultative sales position, your responsibilities will include client prospecting and interviewing; market development and case design. It gets you out from behind a desk, closes the textbooks, and teaches you how to interact with people whom you can help.

-Rotational program that gives you experience in different departments  
-Listening empathetically, gathering facts, analyzing needs and making responsible recommendations  
-Expanding personal knowledge and skills through joint work with fellow associates.  

-integrity and strong work ethic  
-Entrepreneurial spirit  
-Confidence and Resiliency  
-Interpersonal skills  
-Desire to succeed  
-A track record of setting goals and meeting/exceeding them  
-Drive to work hard for long-term reward  
-The ability to motivate and inspire others

Desired skills

Marketing / Promotions
Market Research
Accounting / Bookkeeping
General Office Help
Public Relations

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