Mandarin tutor for preschooler

Updated on: 01 Oct 2017
Flexible Permanent, 4 hrs/wk Rice University
Houston, TX, United States
International students can apply

We are looking for a mandarin tutor for our 18-month-old daughter who can introduce her to the basics of the language through play and songs. We are looking for someone who loves young children, is a native mandarin speaker and can come to our home a couple days a week to spend 1-2 hours with her. Given her age, structured lessons are less important than a love of children and play - we are looking to give her exposure to the language at a young age.

The best times would be Monday and Friday from ~2-4 p.m. in the afternoon with some flexibility to go slightly later or earlier, and potentially a session on Wednesday afternoon.

We would love a Rice student, although a spouse or significant other of a student would also be great.

Desired skills

Foreign Language - Tutoring / Translations

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