Marketing Intern

Updated on: 08 Sep 2017
Flexible Permanent, 4 hrs/wk

Marketing Associate, Chasing Nirvana Yoga, LLC



Chasing Nirvana Yoga is a service based mind/body wellness company bringing you on-site yoga and wellness options. We aim to help our clients de-stress, get healthy & move mindfully through yoga, meditation & health coaching.

Our goal is to bring a focus to wellness as a whole rather than just fitness. Our classes encourage your workforce to take a physical and mental break during their workday and to find a balance between stillness of mind, strength of body and peace within your heart, all of which will help you maintain the inertia behind the daily juggle of life.

For more information about the company please visit our website at  



Chasing Nirvana Yoga is comprised of 3 components in which we need assistance in marketing and blogging:

  • CNY - Providing onsite wellness to commercial real estate property owners as a tenant amenity - think a large office tower in any major city. There is a company that owns that building and leases space to individual companies. So 1 office tower may be made up of 40 companies and house 2,000 workers each day. We work with the individual building owner, use their empty space and implement yoga, meditation and health coaching classes for the employees that work int eh building. - Has its own website and social media pages
  • Rental Mats - We've found a need for people hosting yoga events in need of yoga mat rentals. We are filling this need. - This gets grouped in with the above.
  • MOGI - A yoga mat bag that attaches to your bicycle. Pretty much the only one of its kind on the market. For sale on Amazon and my webshop. - Has its own website and social media pages




  • Run all of my social media platforms and post at least 3x per week for MOGI & CNY)
  • Increase real followers
  • Interact with and increase engagement with followers
  • Run social media ads & figure out what works and what doesn't
  • Edit photos using self made app - we should discuss this because if you are well versed in photoshop, I may not need this app.
  • Write original blog content for CNY on health and wellness related topics related to yoga, biking, work life balance, stress management, healthy eating, recipes, interviews with clients and instructors. This can be done once a week or every other week but no less than 2x per month.
  • Post this blog content on CNY website
  • Run Google Ad Words campaigns
  • SEO
  • Develop brand awareness
  • Amazon marketing efforts for MOGI
  • Identify & secure any press opportunities



  • Associates Degree or higher
  • Writing skills
  • Experience as in marketing & social media
  • Experience using GoogleAd Words
  • Knowledgeable in SEO
  • Press contacts would be a plus
  • Experience blogging on Squarespace would be a plus
  • Timely
  • Organized
  • Loves yoga & biking

Desired skills

Social Media Marketing
Marketing / Promotions
Market Research

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