Sale Associate

Updated on: 06 Apr 2018
Flexible 1 months, 20 hrs/wk

Responsible for the selling of our software products.  Our products are web base and mobile applications for IOS and Android.


  • Recognize the needs of the consumer and provide detailed information to the consumer about the technical specifications of the software offered by the company.
  • Investigates new items and makes recommendations for purchasing products.
  • Solicits information about computer needs from customers.
  • Construct sales pitches and presentations.
  • Travel to areas where needs are projected.
  • Stay abreast of market trends.
  • Demonstrate product features before a sale.
  • Advise on appropriate user training.
  • Ensure quality of service by developing a thorough and detailed knowledge of technical specifications and other features of our software products.


  • Ability to create a marketing plan
  • Ability to commute to necessary locations
  • Excellent communication and sales skills


15% of every sale, paid-out on a monthly basis. 

Desired skills

Marketing / Promotions

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