Website Designer/Backend Development & Coding

Updated on: 21 Jun 2018
Flexible 1 months, 10 hrs/wk

Fantasy Street, an online Fantasy Sports platform, is designed and modeled after the stock market to allow users to buy and sell their favorite professional athletes across the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL as if they were actual shares of stock, all the while seeking to grow their portfolio of players to a higher dollar value than their peers.

Fantasy Street is unique in that unlike other fantasy sports websites where you either draft players or purchase them at fixed prices, here, athletes have shares issued in them at a price point that consistently fluctuates based on our distinct algorithm that combines two elements : the player’s statistical performance within the game he is currently competing in, as well as the number of shares that are actively being traded in that particular athlete amongst other users. Dependent on these two factors, a player’s stock price will either rise or fall. Furthermore, Fantasy Street is not seasonally-based, meaning, a user can choose to purchase or sell any athlete at any time, within their portfolio. Lastly, since the game mirrors the stock market, users can purchase shares in whichever players they choose, thus allowing them to “weight” their portfolio to their liking.

Currently, the site and algorithm are in place, however, additional coding and back-end work needs to be performed prior to publishing.

The Company is seeking a hardworking and ambitious professional experienced in web development and coding (person can work remotely).


Create and assigns a ticker symbols for each athlete and design a search functionality that will allow the user to search that player via their ticker symbol 

Integrate the Stripe payment platform onto the site

Create and enhance certain visual features currently on the site to make it look morn modern


  • Bachelor’s in Computer Science or Certification in Web Design
  • Knowledge of PHP and coding (site is built on PHP code)
  • Professional portfolio with at least 2 designs for internal review

Desired skills

Website Development
Graphic Design (inc. logo)
Adobe Design Suite
Visual Art

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