Electronic Technician

Updated on: 19 Dec 2018
Flexible Permanent, 35 hrs/wk
Cambridge, MA, United States

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Working in the magnetic resonance spectroscopy facility in the department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology under the supervision of the facility director. Performing routine maintenance and repairs of 11 spectrometers including 7 NMR, 1 EPR, 1 MS, 1 MPMS, and 1 FTIR, as well as the computers and the peripheral devices used for these spectrometers and for offline data processing. Assisting students on the experimental setups

Detailed Jobs To Be Performed:

1.Daily checkup of all the spectrometers and associated devices for optimum performance, including testing and calibrating all spectrometer functions, cleaning sample spinners, keyboards, mouse, and magnet bores, etc.

2.Weekly replenishment of all magnets with liquid nitrogen.

3.Monthly replenishment of liquid helium to the magnets.

4.Trouble-shooting any malfunction of the spectrometers and peripheral devices down to the component level and performing necessary repairs.

5.Placing orders of consumable items, such as liquid nitrogen, liquid helium, gaseous helium, Kim Wipes, printer paper, printer toners, etc. Handling the paper work for all purchasing.

6.Assisting students/postdocs in setting up instruments for special experiments.

7.Disposing of sample vials used on the Mass spectrometer and other hazardous materials.

8.Acting as the safety office for the facility and taking care of any safety issues.

Basic Qualifications: 

•A minimum of an Associate’s Degree.

•Experience in RF and digital electronics and computer technologies.

Additional Qualifications:

•Bachelor’s degree in science/engineering strongly preferred

•Ability to communicate effectively and develop strong working relations with faculty and students

•Strong organization skills

•Ability to work under pressure

Additional Information:

We invite individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences and abilities to be a part of our community

Desired skills

Computer Programming

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