D2D Sales Representative

Updated on: 12 Jan 2019
Flexible 4 months, 40 hrs/wk Arizona State University Estrella Mountain Community College Glendale Community College Maricopa Community College District Mesa Community College
1910 South Stapley Drive, Mesa, AZ 85204, United States

This is a door to door sales job. This is a great job for students who are currently in school. It is a part time summer job which allows for students to leave for the summer and come back with on average for our first year reps 15 thousand dollars in savings. We sell At&t products and provide high quality services within the home. Our goal is help assist people in lowering their current monthly internet, tv and phone bills. We are aligned with a Fortune 100 company and are looking for individuals who are motivated and are willing to push themselves. This is an incredible opportunity for students who want to make great money while still going through school. At the same time move up in the company and be promoted based off of production and skill. 

Desired skills


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