Marketing Specialist

Updated on: 12 Jan 2019
13 Jan 2019 60 hrs

Our firm develops innovative products for college students.  We believe college guys would rather buy healthy dry food products (canned chicken/tuna/turkey/beef, bread, pasta, health bars, etc) and personal grooming products on-line having them shipped directly to them versus going to the grocery store.

We also believe the best way for college guys to hear about our website and products is direct marketing.  In other words learning about it via their fellow students.  


  • Share our website and products with your fellow students to gauge their interests.
  • Determine the best way for them to learn about our website and products
  • Provide you recommendations and suggestions


  • Prefer working towards marketing degree
  • Outgoing and like to initiate conversations
  • Strong organization and prioritization skills
  • Excellent analytical, communication and presentation skills

Desired skills

Marketing / Promotions
Market Research

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