Freelance Office Clerk - Remotely

Updated on: 26 Feb 2019
Flexible Permanent, 15 hrs/wk

We are hiring a freelance office clerk to work on a needs basis (Freelance). The work will be conducted remotely and requires a computer. Since the position is Remotely and information is highly confidential, a confidentiality agreement will be signed by the employee. 

Responsibilities and Projects Include:

- Review and input data

- Make phone calls and follow-up phone calls to clients, vendors and other companies, as needed  

- Send emails and follow-up emails to clients

- Work on reports, as needed.  


- Must have experience using Excel and Word

- Excellent communications, verbal and writing skills

- Able to handle conflict effectively

- Self starter and with initiative

- Must be reliable

- Able to complete tasks timely

- Experience using Outlook (email)

Desired skills

Excel / Data Entry

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