Do a Video Interview of a Rancher or Farmer about his/her Vehicles

Updated on: 12 Mar 2019
Flexible 1 hr

Capture a video interview with a rancher or farmer who uses one or more trucks that are upfitted with a body to do a job (e.g., a Ford F350 with a platform body or a RAM 3500 with a utility body). Here's an example of a work truck that might be used on a ranch:  For this interview, a pickup--while common on a ranch or farm--is not a work truck. 

The “expert” person to interview is likely a ranch owner, or a farm manager who is familiar as to how the vehicle(s) is used for work. The person would be acquainted with topics like: when the vehicles were purchased, what is good about the vehicle for the work it's used for, what doesn't work well, what the person likes or doesn't like, etc.  

You will need to contact the interviewee to arrange the interview, and then capture the interview on video. During the interview you will also capture B-Roll footage of the vehicles used for the work.  Your video and audio equipment should capture high-quality video (i.e., 1080p) and audio suitable for the Internet (including YouTube). Typical equipment includes: camera, tripod, Steadicam, and lavalier microphones.

Capture at least 25 minutes of interview footage and 5 minutes of B-Roll from the interview session. 

The video does not need to be edited.  

As an example as to how the finished footage will be edited, please see this: Sample Video

For additional details, including the interview questions and specific shots for B-Roll, please see this Guide.

Desired skills

Videography / Photography, inc. editing

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