Strategy Consulting Contract (1 week-6week+)

Updated on: 15 Jul 2019
Flexible 140 hrs Boston University Harvard University MIT University Of Massachusetts Boston
Remote International students can apply

Work for leading management consulting firms as a freelance consultant, gain invaluable experience and receive competitive pay for your work

Talent Network offers students and experienced consultants the opportunity to work as freelancers on strategy projects for leading management consulting firms in London, Paris & Munich. Watch our explainer video here.
Although no prior experience in management consulting is required, applicants with more experience will receive higher compensation.

How it works:

Apply to join Talent Network:

If you are accepted, you will be sent opportunities from various leading consulting firms. Each opportunity’s objective can vary radically, from identifying growth opportunities for an airline company to analysing the competitive structures governing the gaming industry.

If you choose to accept the opportunity you will be trained by us (if necessary) and then flown in to the location of the project. All costs including flight tickets and hotel accommodation will be covered by us. For many job opportunities, you will have the option of working remotely.

Pay: Competitive; £120-£550 per day (varies with experience)

Duration: Varies substantially; anywhere from 1 week to 1 year

Locations: London, Paris, Munich & Remote projects

Examples of typical work:

  • Conducting primary research and data collection to develop a strategy to meet the client’s needs
  • Interviewing the client's employees, management team and other stakeholders
  • Identifying and negotiating schedules, milestones, and resources required to meet project objectives
  • Implementing recommendations or solutions and ensuring the client receives the necessary assistance to carry them out
  • Conducting focus groups and facilitating workshops
  • Effectively preparing business proposals and presentations
  • Leading and managing teams of analysts and junior consultants

Are you the right fit?
We are looking for a diverse range of people, from undergraduate students with no experience and an eager passion to learn, to more experienced MBA students. Students with no experience will be sent junior job opportunities and experienced consultants will be sent senior job opportunities. Skills required to succeed on the job:

  • Aptitude for analytical and creative thinking
  • You must be enrolled in a top university or have relevant prior experience working in the consulting field
  • Familiarity with common business software such as the Microsoft Office suite
  • Ability to effectively deliver projects on-time, on-budget within the scope that meets or exceeds stakeholder expectations
  • Strong working knowledge of business management best practices
  • Additional qualifications or certifications a plus
  • Additional language knowledge or specific industry knowledge is also a significant advantage

Why join Talent Network:

  • Gain experience in management consulting
  • Enhance your CV with real consulting experience
  • Receive competitive pay for your efforts
  • Find out if the consulting world is for you, gain insights into how each consultancy differs and discover what industry you enjoy working in the most
  • Freedom to pick the job opportunities you like and work at your convenience
  • Receive practical consulting training before working on your first job opportunity
  • Potential to be offered a job if the consultancy is pleased with your work

Please apply through our website:

Apply here: (CV is required):

If you have any specific questions, contact us through email at

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