Website Designer

Updated on: 14 Aug 2019
13 Aug 2019 5 hrs
Remote International students can apply

My spa/studio business needs a professional Web Designer. I'm looking for a candidate who has created and maintained functional, aesthetically pleasing websites . I want to talk to you if your portfolio includes clean, modern, responsive websites with excellent navigational structures and detailed linking. If you stay current with the latest in web design and development trends, you’d be a great fit for this position.


I just need someone to design a website with a "salon look and feel". Very "high end" not cheap looking. I will need a contact page, a calendar so customers can set appointments and my consultation forms, etc for the customer to print off to fill out and bring with them. I will probably need a couple pics but I should be able to maintain the site and add and delete information. I just need someone to handle the bulk of the designing so I am able to do other things before I open for business. I want to use rose gold, white and some light browns in my color scheme.

Desired skills

Website Development
Marketing / Promotions
Visual Art

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