Technology researcher for the cutting-edge gene therapy

Updated on: 17 Sep 2019
Flexible 2 hrs
Remote International students can apply

Hi, are you a student interested in biotech / pharma industry? This is a great opportunity for you to learn something about the cutting-edge gene therapy technology - the future of personalized medicine.

Basically I want to collect data from a bunch of biotech companies, which is public information on their websites. The task is simple, follow the format of an Excel spreadsheet, then go to the website of those companies, find the information that I am looking for and paste them to the spreadsheet. That's it!

Why is this interesting? Because when you are copying and pasting, you would navigate through pretty much all of the big players in this new field. You will see how diverse gene therapy can be applied to, and you will see how scientists are working towards those challenging disease areas.

Interested? Apply now! I would only hire one enthusiastic future scientist.

Desired skills

Excel / Data Entry

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