Proofreader And Editor

Updated on: 01 Jan 2020
Flexible Permanent, 1 hr/wk
Remote International students can apply

I use Dragon Dictate and Otter to dictate blog posts and articles. Many times, the output I get has a lot of punctuation and spelling errors. I then spend a lot of time going back to the text and "cleaning it up." This defeats the purpose because the dictation is meant to reduce the typing time and speed up output, but I find myself spending a lot of time going back to "clean up."

I'd like to find someone who can do this work for me. As you can imagine, this isn't a traditional transcription job. Maybe it's editing. Maybe it's proofreading. Call it what you want, but the computer does the transcription, and now I need a stylish, smart and well-lettered human to do the editing.

I am looking for someone whom I can work closely with over the long term and build a relationship with (so they can understand my style of writing and "know what I am going for" after some time working together). I have been described as a "grammar nazi"... and I am looking for someone who is even more of a grammar nazi than I am. I prefer to work with an individual, not an agency because I want to build a long term relationship with one person (please start your application with the words "iced indigo") and work with them over many years. This is a long-term job. I have a lot that I have to write... manuscripts, blog name it - I have it! I value autonomy, learning, creativity and honesty. When I find people with the same values, we have success over the long term. But such people are few and far between. I hope you will be one of them?

Desired skills

Writing / Content Creation

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