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Updated on: 06 Dec 2019
Flexible Permanent, 10 hrs/wk


I’m a Chinese Software Engineer with good experience of 6 years.

I am looking for someone who can help me for 3 years (not free).

I want to work on upwork site but Upwork doesn't welcome Chinese. 

Upwork prefers European and American freelancers and they are well treated. (in price of their works) 

So I need a European or American Upwork account. 

I want to use your Upwork account, by creating your new Upwork account.  

If you help me, I will pay you 20% of my income.

Of cause I can't earn much at first, but I can earn more than $3000 a month three months later.

My goal is to earn more than $10000 a month after 1 year.

Upwork ask you the video call after creating an account so that they check you are the real owner of account.

Video call will be taken after I finish the first project.

They ask you a few questions such as name, birthday, etc.

It takes 2~3 minutes.

After passing a video call, I can earn money with your Upwork account.

So I can only pay you after finishing video call.

If I don't pay you, you can close the upwork account at any time, because all the information of the account is yours. In this case, it will be a big damage to me. 

So there is no need to worry about the payment. 

And Upwork always tracks MAC and IP address of computer, and If it is changed, Upwork block the account. So I can only use your account on your PC via TeamViewer program. 

To solve this problem, I will pay money($100~$150) to buy a new computer in your country.

I have to use computer via TeamViewer for 24h/day.

If you have no Upwork account, don’t create by yourself.

Because I need to create account by myself to fit the profile to my skills and the login email must be mine.


If you are interested me, please contact me bellow address. 


Skype ID: Lucas Abdon

Skype Name:    live:.cid.96def64040971f66

Gmail    :     malong.seraph204@gmail.com

Discord: malong204#3085

Desired skills

Computer Programming
Foreign Language - Tutoring / Translations

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