2020 Summer Study Internship Program

Updated on: 12 Feb 2020
20 May 2020 1 months, 35 hrs/wk
Boston, MA, United States

The Boston University Summer Study Internship Program is an
ideal opportunity to apply all you have learned in the classroom to
real world work experience as an intern in your field of interest.
This unique, twelve-week program consists of six weeks of
focused academic study followed by a six-week, full-time
internship. Over that time, you’ll earn a total of 10 academic
credits; develop professional skills through workshops; and gain
first-hand insight into careers in your field of interest as an intern.
All internships are located in the vibrant city of Boston,

Application deadline: April 10

Academic phase: May 20- July 1

Internship phase: July 6- August 14

*Note: Hires are required to participate in both the academic phase as well as the internship phase.

 Learn more about how to transform your summer
into a career launching experience at

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