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Updated on: 30 Dec 2021
Flexible Permanent, 2 hrs/wk University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) Western Michigan University of Denver
Remote International students can apply

The Shenzhen Solder Technology Co., Ltd, is a reputable distributor, importer and exporter of steel products in China.Our total amount of import and export surpassed US$900 million in year 2005, reporting a sales revenue of over 8 billion Yuan. We have been able to reach this height as a result of the innovation of China's old foreign trade system under the guidance of reform and open-up policies. Our business range from raw materials such as iron ore, rare earth, refractories, bauxites, fluorspars, magnesites, etc, to finished metal and non-metal products(Magnesium alloy,Dissolvable magnesium,Dissolvable frac plug,Rare-earth metal,Welding wire)

We have reached a huge sales volume of steel products in China and the whole of Asia and now penetrating into the broader GLOBAL MARKET. Hence the need for us to have representatives and authorized payment officers. We are thereby using this medium to seek your indulgence in being our sole representative and payment officer in your locality. This is sequel to the new marketing trend now in vogue which is the Network Marketing System.

This job offer is organised in such a way that it will not interfere with your present job because it has the flexibility of you working at your leisure and at home and earn even more money than your regular job. This is an opportunity that provides you a part-time job but guarantees you FULL-TIME PAY. This is your very own home business and quite possibly you can be completely self-sufficient financially in a matter of months by becoming one of our diligent but highly rewarded representative.


This opportunity guarantees' you an extra earnings of up to USD$10,000 or more, per month as commission depending on the business volume granted you by the company per month, once you become our registered representative. This is as a result of you earning 10% commission on any payment of products paid through you by any of our clients. There are still very many more bonuses which you will benefit from once you register as a representative.


For more information and how you can become a Shenzhen Solder Technology Co., Ltd representative, please contact the English Section with the following details:





Previous Working experience if any


Mr.  Albert.

Manager, Strategic Marketing Dept.

(English Section)

Shenzhen Solder Technology Co., Ltd,



Desired skills


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