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Updated on: 13 Jan 2022
Flexible 1 hr
Remote International students can apply

IPS is looking for IT final year graduates to take this project as a final year thesis. The scope of the project is to develop the frontend, middleware, and backend framework that is scalable and flexible to accommodate the current and future integration requirements. The portal will be used by IPS students to perform different kinds of labs including but not limited to Cloud, Networking, Cyber Security, AI, ML, IoT etc.

IPS is open to developing this portal on any platform/technology/language.

Why do we need final year students for this project? Why don’t IPS outsource the project to professionals?

The project will go through a series of steps as requirement gathering, research, design, development, revising, approval and launch stages. IPS requires open-minded students to work on this project. The requirement gathering and research stages will be the key milestones to achieve the objective. In summary, the scope of the project is not frozen at this stage. The students will understand the business requirements and develop the final scope of work as we move along.

Will the students get any compensation for this project?

Yes, IPS can provide up to $2,000 as compensation on the successful delivery of the project. However, please don’t apply for the project if compensation is the only motivation. IPS will bear all costs related to platforms, software, and technologies used to develop the portal.

Can you provide a sample site like the one you are planning to build?

https://www.qwiklabs.com/ is a good reference. However, the business requirements are a bit different.

What qualifications should I have to apply for this project?

Your team should have at least master-level expertise in one front and backend development tool/language. A full-stack developer will be ideal for this case.

What are the timelines to finish the project?

IPS expects to deliver the finished product in the next 6 months i.e., by July 2022.

Desired skills

Website Development
Computer Programming

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