Dental Marketing Business Development Manager

Updated on: 01 Jun 2018
Flexible 12 months, 10 hrs/wk
Remote International students can apply

SkyStone Marketing is a full-service dental marketing agency of design junkies, analytical data friends, and organizational superstars looking to help make  dental business, a not-so-small dental business.  We are proud to offer affordable digital, media, and print services to better reach prospective dental audience through any medium.

We are looking for enthusiastic, smart and engaged people that are looking either for a summer job or a part-time job to help get through college and beyond.  The compensation for the position is a sales commission.  For each sale, you receive an initial $500 plus $100 / month for as long as the practice is a client.  There is no need to stay in contact with the practice after the sale as we do the rest.  So if you get an average of 2 practices / month for 12 months, that would be $12,000/ year in sign-up bonuses plus the additional $100 / month for each practice.  Conceivable if you start selling during your freshman year by the time you graduate, you will be making $110K+ / year in annuities without doing anything else. Mac based phones, watches, iPads, computers are also provided.  Company car is available after 24 sales (currently Honda Accord, Jeep Grande Cherokee or similar) after 48 (Yukon or similar), after 100 (Escalade or similar)  12 new practices in 12 months has a $2,500 bonus, 24 in 12 months has $5,000 etc. plus additional incentives.  

This is a remote location position, no need to come to an office.  If you want to make sales calls while sitting on the beach, go ahead.  

If you are looking for an opportunity that is unique with lots of upside potential, check us out and submit your information.

Desired skills

Cold Calling

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